LinkedIn messages book for ALL scenarios

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Add it to your order today for an absolutely scandalous discount 🙂 The templates in this pack are as follows:

  • The sales message
  • Follow me on social media
  • How to get referrals
  • The networking follow up
  • Trying to reach you
  • The follow up after a conversation
  • The re-engagement message
  • Last attempt to contact
  • How to generate referrals
  • How to message new connections
  • How to connect with someone you are not connected to
  • The warm-up introduction
  • The name dropping email
  • Don’t forget me in your new role
  • I see you looking at my profile
  • How to ask for a recommendation & get one!
  • I’ve got a group you’d love to join – and how to get people to join!
  • Follow my company page
  • Let’s swap referrals
  • The media reporter outreach – how to be a topic expert
  • The conversation starter
  • Connecting to someone you don’t know
  • The event email – how to meet decision makers at a key event
  • The reach out – how to connect with key decision makers in your industry
  • The recruiter email – how to get them on your side & working for you
  • How to leverage your 1st level connections
  • and more!



47 page book with pre-written templates to copy & paste to convert

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